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About food and fitness.nl

Food and Fitness.nl was founded by Tina Koekoek.

On this website I want to give you the tips and tools for a healthy lifestyle. New messages with information will be added all the time. 

My interest has been in everything that has to do with nutrition, sports and health for almost my entire life. I had been thinking about doing something with this for a long time. Then I first started following a fitness training.

I continued with this until I completed 3 fitness courses. In the end this was only for my own development and I hadn’t made this my job yet. Now I came across the idea on the internet to make my own website and get involved in affiliate marketing. This was immediately decided for me that I wanted to do this and about nutrition and fitness!

Besides fitness I am also a huge fan of walking, skating and squash. But for me, fitness is at the top of my list!